Watching out! Always.

Helping business owners save their business from anything unwanted. Know what’s happened even when you aren’t there.

Get More Value From your Business.

What happens when AI-powered sensors communicate at a workplace with a machine learning system that keeps evolving? It means nothing but gives control in your hands. From remote monitoring your office to receiving real-time smartphone alerts. From keeping a hawk-eye view on operational efficiency to having the convenience of anytime, anywhere access. Your business gets smarter and so do the results. Because, you get more productivity, more cost saving, and bigger ROI!

Safety & Security

Let AI-backed sensors help you eliminate theft & intrusion possibilities, prevent accidents and support a safe working environment.


Monitor your workplace on-the-go with an intuitive smartphone app. Important alerts land up right in your hands!


Machine learning based analytics for in-depth understanding of operational setup and reports to optimize resource usage & costs.

Businesses We Serve


Small Retail Stores