How to set various modes in the app - Self Help Banner_1

You can set commands for your Smart Cam by enabling different modes from the app. These commands are the predefined instructions saved in the form of modes in your app to choose from.

Before we help you learn the procedure, let’s learn something about these modes first.

  1. Armed Mode:

    You can set this mode while you are away from your place. It instructs your Cam to be on alert and enable it to view, record, detect and notify in case of any suspicious activity.

  2. Silent Mode:

    This mode enables your cam to be a silent observer allowing it to view, record and detect, but will not cause any notification. This is useful when one doesn’t wants to get disturbed by notifications.

  3. Disarmed Mode:

    Useful when you don’t want your camera to record, detect and notify and only gives you access to live view feature. One usually enables this mode while they’re at home.

  4. Private Mode:

    One enables this mode, when needs complete privacy. This mode will turn off view, record, notify and detect feature.

  5. Scheduled Mode:

    This mode allows your cam to function as per predefined scheduled only.

Coming back to procedure, let’s check out how you can set these various modes in the app.

  1. On the App Dashboard, & select “Zones”.

2. Then click on “Mode”.

3. Select from one of the below mentioned modes.