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How Gizmosmart helps your business

Majority of the times, the legacy security systems including CCTV Cameras fail and no one comes to know about it until some incident occurs.
We, at GizmoSmart, ensure that your cameras & sensors run as expected all the time.
With a combination of wide range of wireless smart sensors, cameras, unified platform, centralized analytics & alarm management portal, we offer security as a service.

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Unified Platform

Multi-location intelligent alarm management & centralized Analytics.

Smart Devices

Wide range of Wireless Smart sensors that offer Security & Control

Customized Solution

Increase Visibility and Control with events based video surveillance.

Hardware Portfolio

  • Door/Window Sensors

  • Shutter Control

  • Outdoor Siren

  • Motion Sensor

  • SOS Button

  • Indoor Camera

  • Outdoor Camera

  • PIR Camera

  • Smart Plug

  • Power Switch

  • Power Meter Switch

  • Dimmer

  • Smoke Alarm Sensor

  • Water Leakage Sensor

  • Shock & Glass break Sensor

  • WiFI Gateway

  • Alarm Panel

GSM / WiFi Enabled

Battery Backed up

Wireless Setup

Zigbee Platform

Our Platform Offers

Multi-User Live View

You may want to offer additional users for your live event. This is useful if you would like to offer multiple viewers of a live event.

Safety and Security

Reducing the risk of accident or protecting against deliberate attack. This supports a safe environment in all members of the office.

Operational Efficiency

The most cost-effective manner possible while ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support.

Energy Savings

It can result in increased environmental quality, personal financial security and higher savings.

Analytics and Reporting

This can be used to better understand and improve business performance.

Proactive Maintainance

A preventive maintenance strategy for maintaining the reliability of machines or equipment.