The Opportunity

IoT augmented by AI & Machine Learning is creating new opportunities for business optimization.

With a connected business ecosystem, the data captured through various sensors is no more in silos.
Smart devices and data come together over a unified IoT platform to generate Actionable Business Analytics.
This allows enterprises across various industry segments to Do More and Do the New.

How we do it


Sensing Layer that Monitors, Protects, Notifies


Turning Mute Data Into Actionable Intelligence


Actions For Optimizing Business Based On Insights

Business Benefits through Technology

Actionable Analytics for Multiple Industries

Portfolio of Smart Sensors


Cloud Video Management

Access videos securely stored over the cloud from anywhere

IoT Device Management

Diagnose performance and track your entire asset base remotely

Connectivity Management

Leverage secure VPN connectivity for usage monitoring & managing multiple cellular deployments.

Knowledge Management

Picture-guide based support for easy & quick access to resolutions

Remote Support Tools

Remote troubleshooting of technical errors through video communication

Custom Integration

Seamless integration of gateways & smart devices with existing hardware and 3rd party tools

Why Us

Our single unified IoT platform seamlessly integrates with existing hardware & 3rd party tools and gathers valuable data from connected devices. We are successfully monitoring 2,00,000 sq. ft. of retail space, hence making enterprises IoT driven.

Through our unique ‘Sense’, ‘Analyze’, and ‘Act’ framework, the data captured by connected devices is turned into actionable insights to facilitate intelligent decision making for business.

About KocharTech

Serving a global clientele for 25+ years, we are trusted by top telecoms and leading Fortune 500 companies. We help enterprises simplify the complexity of a fragmented ecosystem.

Our IoT driven setup enables them break the silos and get actionable analytics from their connected devices at one place through a unified platform.

4 Billion+ Transactions on our Platform

5 of the World's top 25 Telcos use our Solutions

World's Largest Repository of Connected Devices

Solutions used in more than 20 Countries