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A lot of time is spent on building your home, and protecting it from threats Surveillance is undoubtedly the solution to it. Surveillance camera at your home is supposedly meant to provide an additional set of eyes and weave the security tighter even when you are not around.

While there are several options available to choose from Analog CCTV camera to IP security camera; one can’t help but wonder which is more beneficial to them and if you search over the internet, you will find many disputes about the standard-definition (SD) analog camera to high-definition (HD) CCTV traditional cameras to the new gen IP Cameras.

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Market forecast for Cloud Based IP Surveillance Camera


This shows that the current population is being inclined towards IP camera than the traditional CCTV ones but still the debate continues.

So, let’s find out why IP based cameras should be considered to have an upper hand over the traditional CCTVs:

  1. Cost Effective: In comparison to existing belief, the traditional CCTV cameras look cost efficient but let us pop your bubble! The additional hardware component cost like DVR, Monitor, Cabling, Storage Hard disk, and above all Installation charges will cost you double than you initially planned for. Whereas, IP based surveillance camera does not require any additional hardware & storage and are also wireless making it compact and avoiding additional maintenance, costs and declutter the whole setup.
  2. Enhanced Remote Access: How about going on a family vacation and still not being worried about thefts or other mishaps in your home? Sounds good right!
    This is possible. Using IP camera, which is current gen technology, it allows you to monitor your home via live video viewing from any location, any time and that too on multiple devices.
  3. Secured and Safe videos: The recordings are stored safely on CLOUD (the latest and worlds best technology), away from any interference or manual reach, preventing any kind of tampering because it is easy to hamper device that is within one’s hands reach.
  4. Ease of Recovery: Data recovery is guaranteed even if your hardware is stolen or damaged because your files are not stored locally. As and when needed, they can be viewed or reviewed from CLOUD
  5. High Image Clarity: Not just the ease of access, but the quality of feed should never be disrupted with cracking of wires or lower speed of the net connection. IP camera comes with Image Quality which is par at excellence as compared to traditional ones avoiding the distorted image quality and ensuring HD ready recorded videos remain the same even when zoomed in/out.

These are just a few of the advantages and the list goes on and on…….

In a world that is concerned with having well ensured security and ease of access, IP surveillance camera is the optimal solution to all these pain points. Homes and businesses can benefit immensely from the power of IP camera, and many of the related security concerns can be abated with proper implementation. In case you need to look out for the optimal solution, we at GizmoSmart work to ensure the security and safety for you, your loved ones, your home, your business and beyond. With our Mini Home Security System, that cover all of the above mentioned features and beyond, we come up with most advanced Cross-Line Detection (CLVR) technology that allows you to highlight up to 4 areas where any unauthorized intrusion will be reported immediately. This helps you to take proactive measures rather than reactive.



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