How Positive Thinking Can Change the Rest of your Life


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

You must be wondering how positive thinking can drive change in someone’s life. After all its just one person’s perspective. But, it is truly not so. Everyone’s outlook can be different but the approach can either be optimistic or pessimistic.



Take the example of Chris Gardner. Many of us have watched his biopic, “The Pursuit of Happiness“. What that man does is easy to watch but really hard to do. He faces so many trials and tribulations before being actually successful to start his own stock brokerage firm. What could we learn from him? What was so persistent in his journey? Hardwork ? Nah! It was his positive thinking that kept him going throughout his bad phases of life. His life tumbled upon him like a house of cards, but his determination was concrete enough to break through the hardships. It was always his positive thinking that outweighed his bad phases and changed the course of life.



Talking about reality, let’s switch to another famous yet grounded philanthropist, Jack Ma. If anyone wants to know what rejection feels like, there’s no better person on earth than him who can tell so. Profoundly, he has faced rejections in every sphere of his life, be it college or his profession. But what took this man to become the richest man in China, his story has to be pondered upon. He didn’t give up after failing many exams at school. Scored 1 out of 120 points in math in a college entrance exam. He wasn’t deterred after being rejected from Harvard 10 times and stayed optimistic after being turned down for 30 jobs. He was the only interviewee (out of 24) rejected by KFC. Still this person is touted as one of the most successful business persons on the earth. What could be the takeaway from his monotonous yet inspiring story? Yes, it has one string in common. Be optimistic and never look back. This man changed the whole perception of how being positive can help you transform your life.



There are many more examples to show how killing your pessimistic attitude could mould your life towards happiness. But the point here is how we can reach that level to always stay positive. Never fool yourself with all those treacherous dialogues and quotes. Remember, the drive to strive always comes from within. It is good that you want to become successful, but it is always advisable to map your journey beforehand. A change in thinking is a deep process and initiating such changes would normally receive some obstinacy or reluctance. But, it is important to understand the long term benefits it would reap. Also, not to forget, it is of utmost priority to have a healthy knowledge of what exactly is a positive mind. Off course, it is natural that many people would have different notions about it. Yet, a common string that binds it is the attitude of never looking back. Never give up on your goals, especially if you can’t go about thinking your life without them. The whole world is a stepping stone and its apt to say the sky is the only limit. People who leave a mark on this world were never sworn on to become what they have. It was always their instinct which they listened to, which made all the difference.