Cloud CCTV Camera

How Cloud CCTV Cameras Strengthen Business Security?

Every commercial setup is prone to security risks. With businesses bearing significant losses every year because of their vulnerability to theft, break-ins, inventory shrinkage, and more, security is now considered to be of strategic importance. Business owners have largely opted for cameras to secure their business assets. While this is an intelligent decision, there’s a … Continue reading “How Cloud CCTV Cameras Strengthen Business Security?”

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Home Automation

Home Automation – All you want to know!

After a long day of work, you come home all tired and lay in bed after completing all the chores and suddenly you start to panic about did I turn the lights off downstairs? Did I lock the door? Did I leave the window open? How about you let technology help manage all these worry … Continue reading “Home Automation – All you want to know!”

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IP Camera

Why IP Camera is preferred over CCTV camera?

A lot of time is spent on building your home, and protecting it from threats Surveillance is undoubtedly the solution to it. Surveillance camera at your home is supposedly meant to provide an additional set of eyes and weave the security tighter even when you are not around. While there are several options available to choose … Continue reading “Why IP Camera is preferred over CCTV camera?”

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Smart Home Security

Know How Reliable is Your Smart Home Security System

Over the recent years, people have become more careful about securing their homes due to rise in the incidents of break-in. Crime Index in India is measured at 43.96, which is quite high as compared to 15.7 as the lowest across the world, as per Numbeo, a research site. Additionally, Crime Statistics India 2015 recorded … Continue reading “Know How Reliable is Your Smart Home Security System”

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Smart Home Surveillance System

Planning for Home Security? Get a Solution for Years

When thieves are growing smart and using hi-tech items to break-in your home, it’s time to upgrade your home security. You should consider installing a smart home surveillance system at sensitive areas to ensure optimal security, even when you are away. Let’s discuss some of the potential areas where a wireless security system can help … Continue reading “Planning for Home Security? Get a Solution for Years”

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Security Camera

5 Uncommon Uses of Security Cameras

Most of us think about restricting theft, burglary or loss prevention when we hear about security cameras. However, they go beyond their common uses. Some of their uses can be fun while some of them mean business. Sounds great? Take a look at their uses below that go past our thoughts. Fun activities: Wireless cameras … Continue reading “5 Uncommon Uses of Security Cameras”

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Surveillance Camera

How Surveillance Cameras & Solutions Benefit Businesses?

With the cases of burglaries and robberies on a rising trend, on-premise security has become vital for entrepreneurs. Luckily, advanced surveillance cameras and cutting-edge security solutions available today make securing one’s investment basic and simple. Investing in today’s connected security cameras and solutions for businesses helps address various challenges. Robbery Prevention Present day organizations need … Continue reading “How Surveillance Cameras & Solutions Benefit Businesses?”

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Wireless Security Cameras

5 Common Mistakes when Installing Wireless Security Cameras

With a vast range of security cameras available nowadays, most of the people have installed one or the other type of security system in their place. Also, the development of wireless security cameras, you don’t need any long running wires and the hassles of installing those. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that you can … Continue reading “5 Common Mistakes when Installing Wireless Security Cameras”

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Home Security Camera

Five of the best Locations to Install Home Security CCTV Cameras

When it’s about your family’s security, you should reliably believe your gut-feel and evaluate the needs. For instance, an imperative thing to ask yourself is where do you (and your family members) think you need a security CCTV camera? Another thing to figure out is to evaluate the most vulnerable areas on your property. Here … Continue reading “Five of the best Locations to Install Home Security CCTV Cameras”

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How a Security Camera Helps Mothers Work Without Worry?

What if a stranger intrudes your house while you are away? Leaving children alone at home is always worrisome. Now, a security camera will ensure child safety. Do you start feeling anxious as soon as you leave for office? It’s natural if you worry about your home security. While at work, the most important thing … Continue reading “How a Security Camera Helps Mothers Work Without Worry?”

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