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“GizmoSmart – A GizmoLife Product” is an ecosystem of Smart Gizmos, that helps you simplify your life through technology. GizmoSmart gives you control over safety, security and convenience for yourself and your loved ones. Whether it’s safety and security of your kids or well-being of your elderly parents, our solutions allow you to keep a check on all important things that matter to you from anywhere, anytime. Our ecosystem empowers you to remotely monitor & control all your smart devices through a Single Mobile App.

With products and services built for every stage of your Digital Life, it makes living this life a delight.

“Connect to a smarter way of living. Explore the possibilities. Start now.”

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About GizmoLife

Life, as we know it, has changed and it has all happened in a short span of time.
With everything around us taking a digital form – from banking to relationships to everything in between, the world has suddenly opened up to new possibilities of doing new things in better ways.
To navigate this world and live our digital lives to the fullest, there are times when we need a little help, at other times a mean to discover newer and better ways, while sometimes we need someone to exposing the full potential of devices that we already possess.

GizmoLife is all this and a lot more. With products and services built for every stage of our Digital Life cycle, it will make living this life a delight.

You’re already living a Digital Life. Walk with us to live it to the fullest.